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Hi All, especially @robgrz, @Jorge. Not forgetting @WillAdams & @Julien.

I have searched for the appropriate thread with which to add a request and it appears either that my searching is poor or what could be helpful is missing. I would like to be able to see all feature requests in a single place. This may trigger other ideas that extend suggestions or stop me from foolishly requesting something as a feature in CC, when it was requested months ago and may well be on a todo list.

Is it possible to pool all of the CC/CM feature requests so that they can be read and possibly collected under subheadings such as, Requested (possibly with a date to help users keep up with the general progress), Actioned, Rejected, and Included (with the inclusion date appended)? It may seem like a lot of unnecessary work but I think it would help to keep users abreast of the software developments, rather than as an ad-hoc message when things are changed.

Is there a beta fork of the software that members can sign up to and test whether suggestions made are workable? The forum software is ok for some limited searching but it does not pull everything together in a coherent manner.

I found a need to understand the CC software better when I had a relatively simple task to perform. I had no real idea how to go about it and when CC is charged for, it would be reasonable to include a number of mathematical functions. For the life of me, I could not remember how to determine the length of an arc. I scoured the internet and found an online calculator which did the work of remembering for me. It did exactly what was expected by accepting just two values. I entered the numeric data for the radius and the chord length and was presented with a calculated arc line length.

My request is for a method of doing the same thing within CC so that specifying curvature… and with it the depth of a feature as an integral part of the tool armoury which we could use in CC. The images which follow show both the calculated results and the formulae used. Here is the link to the web pages used: Arc Length Calculator

The Arc Line Length required the entry of just the radius and the chord. After those values were entered, all other values were calculated and populated by the software.

A look at the formulae used on this web page.

Finally, without the hugely valuable assistance of @WillAdams, I would never have arrived at the point where the .stl file would fit into other software. Here is the resulting file shown in MeshCAM.

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