Feature Request - Make the default Anchor for Circle the center when in Move mode

It would sure be nice if the default Anchor on a circle is in the center or at lease be able to set it that way.
I don’t know how many times I’ve positioned a circle only to realize the Anchor point is the bottom Left which is default.

I suppose it comes from using Fusion 360 a lot.

I really can’t think of a reason to use one of the other anchor points on a circle unless it was a 3 x 3 anchor point instead of a 2 x 2. Then you could at lease have the left, right, top or bottom edges of the circle aligned to a point on any other shape.

Sometimes it’s just the little things that can make life so much easier.



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Hi @JefferyS ! I’m confused by “anchor”. When I create a circle and then click “Move”, I see five points to use. Whichever point I use aligns to the grid or other objects. Are those points what you mean by “anchor”, or is there something else?

Also - if I don’t click move, but just grab the circle after selecting it, there are several points that I can grab, based on where I place my mouse. If I move over the center, the center point becomes available for me to click and drag. Is this what you mean by anchor?

Yes, above the dots, at least on V5 and V6 it says Anchor.

It’s not a huge deal, I thought if there was an easy way to just make the center the default anchor I wouldn’t freak out that my circles are in the wrong place then realize I need to change the anchor to the center as most of the time I absolute position my circles as they are holes in my work piece.



I see what you’re talking about. When I choose “Move”, I get the move dialog and the bottom left anchor is selected in the diagram on the left.

However, the anchors are all highlighted on the right - and if I use any of those to drag and drop the rectangle, it uses the moused anchor to align to grids or other objects.

So the “default anchor” is only pertinent if you’re typing in the position directly into the box - which I never do…and I guess, if I’m going to click and type in the box, I don’t mind clicking on the appropriate anchor first.

Yes, but I’m only talking Circles and I type in the X and Y directly all the time and yes the anchor determines what point on the circle is set to those X and Y positions you type in.



Got it. Yes…if you’re typing it in, then that anchor comes into play. Circles have the same standard 5 handles for drag and drop that any other object has, so if you were dragging, it wouldn’t matter. But if you’re typing it in, then definitely.