Feature Request: Prompt a Dialog at M01

It would be nice if CM would prompt a dialog with “Continue” and “Stop” buttons at M01 codes. It would be useful for stopping the machine after a part is cut out to remove the part before continuing, or to do other checks at points in the program without having to manually pause at the right place.

In another thread, I was discussing using the code to replace the G53 line as a workaround to a problem with simulating the program in CAMotics. The stop would ensure that I don’t accidentally run the simulation code on the machine.


CM will stop if it runs into a stop command, but there is no popup or notification. You just hit the “start” button to continue.

I do wish you could pass notes to have a popup. Eg pocket out a bunch of features, pause, note “Secure stock in cutouts, remove clamps”, then perform a full contour without tabs.


This would be a nice feature to have, even if popups did not work if we had a live “console” showing the code ran you could easily do “M01 ; remove part 1” and see it in the console like on most industrial CNC machines.

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