Feature request refinement

Some time ago @robgrz asked for feature requests, and one of the things I asked for was a way to dry-walk around the design to check if the material was laid out correctly and that you aren’t going to mill through clamps (turns out shapokos make light work of aluminum clamps)

since then I was thinking about what that really meant, and how I would code this request, since clearly it is not a straightforward as it sounds on first sight.

This weekend, rather than cutting would, I experimented a bit with reading gcode of previous design and having software make a circumfence of the design.

Basically I ended up with 2 possible options that I liked, but wanted to post here to see what others think. Option 1 is basically a square box around the extremes of the design, while Option 2 is a loose-ish outline that is quick to move the spindle through but still useful and close enough.
Originally I was also considering a strict outline but that kind of fell apart once I hit a design with text and each letter became its own thing…

design one, with first the raw gcode, then option 1 and then option 2

desiwn two, also with raw gcode, then option 1 and then option 2

I think I’m leaning towards wanting option 2, but I can see others wanting option 1…


I like option 2. It works better for irregular shapes and lining up your material to be cut. Option 1 is how my laser works when I do an outline before cutting and while helpful, isn’t very useful on irregular patterns.

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