Feature Request: Warning if cut is outside of machine capabilities

I just ran into this issue last night and I was wondering if it would be worth adding into the CM program.

I set my typical Zero, Lower LEFT, to start my cut. The machine instantly crashed. Come to find out the “Zero” location in Carbide Create was set to the Upper LEFT.

Basically, since my Zero, Tool etc were at the farthest edge. The program thought the cut was outside the bed area.

Might be a nice addition if there was a crash prediction prompt before you hit Go.

This is implemented in Grbl as “Soft Limits” — the difficulty is that it creates very hard to troubleshoot problems.

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Could CM not implement this in software? It knows where the X-Y Zero is on the machine, and it has the GCode. Marching through the GCode to find (min, max) of (X,Y) (i.e., generating a bounding box) shouldn’t take very long.

It shows a 3D preview — the problem is mapping that to machine coordinates.

I just draw up the machine in Carbide Create, and if need be, import a design and move it around the drawing to check clearance for projects which warrant that.

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