Feeds and speeds. Bit squealing really loud

I have a shapoko xxl running a Makita. Using a 2 flute end mill with a feed rate of 25 ipm. The Poplar Wood is 13mm and I’m doing 2 passes. And advice?

Please start with the stock feeds from: http://docs.carbide3d.com/support/#tooling-support

Then adjust using a testing technique from: http://www.precisebits.com/tutorials/calibrating_feeds_n_speeds.htm

How about addressing if the cutter is sharp? (first)


Personally I never put more than 3 mm per pass. I think 6 mm it’s to much materials to cut in one time…


My DOC in Poplar is often 1/2" at 33-44IPM without any noise.

(Providing I am using a GOOD cutter)


I just did a cut in Kosso that was…“highly aggressive”…at 2mm DOC and 10 IPM with a 1/4" mill. Still got some chatter.

I find the 2 flute endmill chatter quite easy in the 1/8 inch size, all my 1/4 normal end mills are 3 flute or four and don’t give any chatter. I too usually only do 2-3mm max pass depth but faster feed. I remember reading the dewalt router is preferable to run deep with slower feed but I found cut quality suffered.

Depends a lot on the type of wood.