Feeds and Speeds for Tramming

I tried to search but couldn’t find any information on the following:

I recently bought a 1/2" mortising bit (1/4" shank) to tram my XXL spoilboard with. How should I set this up in Carbide motion though? I wasn’t sure if I could just use the setting for one of 1/2" V-cutters or if I should create a new tool.

Thanks in advance for the reply!

There are some sample files at:

I believe that they include feed rates.

There’s a little bit at: Shapeoko CNC Router, Rigid, Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable

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Hey Will, thanks for the really quick reply. I’ve been over the wiki a few times and have even tried a few of the calculators out there but I’m just not sure. I found some posts where other people have used a similar bit to the one I purchased (linked below) and was hoping that one of them, or anyone else who knows more than the nothing that I know, would chime in with some actual numbers or with the method that they would use to calculate everything.

Edit: I guess I’m not just looking for feeds and speeds but cutting parameter in Carbide Create as well (Ie stopover rate, depth per pass, feed rate, plunge rate, etc.).

Also, should we change the spindle speed for each tool to what the Dewalt is actually capable of? For example, the #101 1/8" Carbide3D bit calls for a 9375 spindle speed in Create but I know that is not possible to slow the Dewalt down that much. Should we change this to 16,000 for all of them less than 16,000 or does this setting not really matter?

Here is the bit that I purchased:


You call it a 1/2" endmill for this purpose. The speed won’t matter much, you’ll just be taking a “smidge” off the wasteboard. Run it fast, slow, it won’t really matter.


Thank you Mike, thats what I want to hear. I’m just gonna create a 1/2" end mill and leave the rest of the settings alone. I’ve actually spent a couple of hours tonight going through some of your old posts and projects and if you wouldn’t mind, I’d appreciate the chance to send you a few messages every so often, especially here at the beginning. You seem very helpful to most of the newbs so thank you for that. I will probably have a few more questions in the next couple of days so if thats not a problem, that would be great. Let me know either way if you could.

Thanks again.

No problem, any time.