Festool Mini sound level

Now that was interesting…

Just out of curiosity, I used my trusty iPhone sound level meter (db Meter Pro) to see how loud my Mini is on its quietest setting. With no hoses attached to the Mini, I read about 57-58 dB right at the control panel side of the unit. With the included hose (which has an opening of less than 25 mm on its far end) stretched out away from the unit, the sound level was about 72 dB at the same location. With the new 2.5 meter 50 mm hose I got for it (again stretched away from the unit), the sound level was again 57-58 dB at the same measuring point. Anyway, just thought I’d throw that out there for anyone thinking about the sound level and how the 50 mm hose impacts that. I suppose the effect is obvious in retrospect, but it’s nice to see that theory matches reality.

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