File Storage and backup

I’m curious what people are using/doing for storage of their files. I currently save everything on my laptop that I use for running my S3. As I have a lot now, I’m worried about losing stuff. Yall use separate drive or an on line something? Thanks!

I use a separate network drive that I can access from anywhere. In that way, my files I create are on the PC, and then a copy is transfered to the network drive to be accessed by either my shapeoko, or the pc that operates my laser.

I currently use a 2TB external hard drive USB. I run from my house designing PC to a shop cnc PC. Tons of room and a decent price. 60USD / 75CAD

I store everything in OneDrive. That way I can work anywhere and have it available to my computer hooked up to the Shapeoko.

I also use my laptop in the house for design but take it to the shop to run my Shapeoko. I have Norton 360 and a 2TB drive is always attached when in the house via a usb hub. So I automatically back up everyday. I used to have two drives but currently I am down to one because I am using the second one for another purpose.

My advise about saving your work is to back up and backup often. You never know when your laptop is dropped, stolen, damaged or just quits working.

Never have all your eggs in one basket. Back up, Back up, Back up!!!

A long time ago I went to peoples homes and businesses and fixed MAC computers. You dont know how many of them had a bad hard drive and NO BACK UP.

If you think your files are valuable then show it by investing in a back up solution. That solution can be as simple as a usb thumb drive and copying your files to that drive at the end of a session of using the computer. However a dedicated solution for backing up is better and should be regularly scheduled as well as ad hoc back ups when working on an important project.

My historical projects are on an external ram drive on a design computer that’s in my home…and is backed up to cloud storage. I use Dropbox to share the current project files with the machine in the shop that drives the Shapeoko. Even though I do have a copy of CC on the shop machine, I seldom make changes to designs in the shop…I tend to go back to the design computer and then share the changes back via dropbox. Probably not the most efficient workflow, but it does tend to help me stay organized. The fact that my shop is 5 steps from my house helps.

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