Final Majora's mask, this time in zebra wood

My final Majora’s mask. This one was cut out of a chunk of zebrawood that I bookended to make the grain meet in the middle. I colored it with India ink so the grain still popped out. 2 sided carve using meshcam from the STL files on thingiverse.
As an aside, zebrawood smells like literal poop when you machine it.


Very nice. You will find several exotic woods stink up your shop. Elm smells very bad while Ash is quite sweet. Be careful with tropical hardwoods to wear dust masks. Many of the exotics cause allergic reactions. Even if you cut some exotics the first time and have no reaction the next time you can get a reaction. Protect your skin as well. The saw dust landing on your forearm can cause skin reactions. If at all possible use dust collection to minimize exposure to your self and your family. Remember to dust your self off before going into your home. Family members can be sensitive even if you are not.