Final pass is not clean

I just completed an advanced v carve using a 1/4 in endmill and 60 degree V. On the final pass of the endmill, there is several places that are in need of cleaning up due to obvious steps in the wood. How do I smooth the final pass without having to run the whole project again?

I am fairly new to cnc so I am using the default settings for speed and step over. The wood im using is walnut.

Please post some pictures showing the issue and maybe the C2D file of you like.

Specifying the material, stepover, depth of cut, etc… would help the community diagnose any issues.

Added to original post.

Most expedient fix is to adjust the depth per pass to get a finishing pass

Say the depth per pass and total depth of cut are equal, say 0.125" so only one pass is made — change the depth per pass to 0.124" so that two passes are made, the second removing only 0.001"

This if course assumes everything is well adjusted and mechanically sound.

Since its already cut, how can i go in and make a final pass without messing anything else up?

If it’s still clamped and zero unchanged just make a new full depth file.

It is still clamped. Shapeoko was shut off, but my understanding is it should maintain zero. Sorry for all the questions, but still learning. Do i just run the pocket portion of the v carve with the 1/4 endmill and set it to go slightly deeper? How do i get it to start at final depth and not go through all the passes? Hope that makes sense

Edit the file to have a full depth finishing pass and then send it.

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Looking at your picture, even a finish pass will still leave raised portions around your letters. The letter on the right side of that photo in particular. It looks like your endmill is too large to get into the smaller details. You’d have to run both tools again at the finish depth. In the toolpaths you should be able to pick a start depth. I’d set this a few thou above your finish depth and then set your finish depth a few thou deeper than your original. I’d use a smaller endmill though to get more details cut out with the flat on the endmill vs relying on the tip of the v tool.

Are you using bitsetter? If touching off by hand then any discrepancy will show up like that as well.

Thanks. I am using a bit setter. Just couldnt figure out why it left higher spots in the open areas.

I second what Brian said, I’ll add this though. Sometimes after my initial pass I’ll leave the wood clamped on the waste board and mist it with a spray bottle of water. This will raise the grain a little bit and I’ll run a second pass a little deeper and with a little more step over.

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A few questions to see where my experience may come in. :slight_smile:

A - What’s the material? Looking at the tooling marks, even with the 1/4" toolpath areas, there is some variance. In my experience that usually indicates a high stepover or the material relaxed. But that has usually been some not so dry pine project boards.

B - Can you post your settings? Feed - Speed - Depth of Cut - Stepover

C - How are you setting your Z height for tool changes? Do you have a BitSetter or manual?

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I could see that. Some of these places are a finish pass difference. Its like it totally missed those sections

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