Finally an enclosure but need help with HDZ

Due to Covid i was away from my shapeoko for a few months as I coudn’t travel back home, but finally got back to it with my new (and not so easy to order) HDZ. with this upgrade I decided to fully disassemble my SO3 and made a better effort on tramming, squaring HD eccentric nuts etc. and finally building my enclosure which i’m pretty happy with although for some reason even after watching Winston Moy videos i made the same mistakes, i keep bumping my head and I forgot to measure the depth with the dust shoe so i had to extend the table and re-make the enclosure!! o well.

Now the troubles:

First problem: Touch probe was misbehaving and CNC would freeze mid job, THANKS!! to this forum, found out it was because i moved the box to the enclosure and lost the grounding on the X rail so this has been apparently fixed.

Second Problem, When I tried to pause my waste board surfacing job because the whiteside end mill grabbed the brush of the sweepy and when I resumed the job I lost about 3mm on Z as it plunged into my waste board. (this is happening every time I pause a job). any ideas?

Third Problem, not sure if it’s related to the second. i started seeing drops of grease in my waste board, looks like the left rail on the HDZ is dripping, is this normal? any fixes?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

The grease dripping from the rails is normal, just periodically wipe off the accumulated goo on the bottom of the rails.

The linear bearings are pre-lubricated at the factory and that lube will slowly work out past the seals to keep the rails lubricated and rust-free. At some point it becomes necessary to screw grease nipples into the linear bearings and re-charge them with lubricant but that’s not for quite a while (100km on the proper HiWin, somewhat less on the clones).

No idea why you’re losing Z height on a job pause, can’t explain that sorry.


I have the HDZ 3.2 and at first I had a lot of grease spots. Luckily none of them got on the projects. I starting wiping the bottom of rails before running a job. It has stopped dripping or at least slowed dramatically.

Thanks for the replies, I thought maybe that was the case with the grease and guess with time it’ll decrease. Now to figure out why I’m losing z height. Not sure if I should ground the hdz I think I saw that in youtube.

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What exact sequence of actions is giving the loss of Z height?

Static or interference would normally cause a controller disconnect from Carbide Motion, not an offset in Z.

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Hi Liam, just by pausing the job and hitting start again. So in this specific case I started the surfacing job, the sweepy was dragging the brushes and got caught with the end mill some bristles went flying and I paused the job, hdz retracted, I removed the brush section of the sweepy and hit start to continue it slowly went down to what appeared to be close to Z0 stopped and then plunged about 3mm more and resumed motion. It did it in a couple more similar scenarios different causes for pause. You can see it in the ñicture of the waste board. (Never thought I would have such a hard time surfacing :slight_smile: )


That really shouldn’t be happening. When the machine pauses and the Z retracts, does it stop short of the top of the Z axis or bump into the end and make a bit of a grinding noise?

Also, how consistent is the Z depth whilst the machine is running the surfacing cut? On an HDZ you should expect pass to pass to stay well within 0.025mm (excepting any tramming ridges).

The retract seems and sounds fine goes up and stop maybe about 1/2 in before hitting the limit switch. Consistency of cut also seemed fine during the surfacing, the end result looks and feels pretty good.

I did notice when doing the holes for the insert variation on depth in the pockets and it was short about 2mm on all through holes but here I could probably blame the waste board was not surfaced and I did have the grounding issue.

Before you mounted the HDZ to the gantry, did you check the ballscrew and rails for smooth functioning?
Turning the ballscrew by hand to see if there is any binding along the whole movement range.
Binding or resistance might cause missed steps.

Hi @BrokenEndmill, I did and although it was no easy to turn with my hands it went up and down, also while in use it didn’t sound like it’s binding or having any trouble. I’ll try to make and post a video .

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