Finally got some "me time" and almost have the enclosure finished

Ripped out my 3/4" mdf with the t-track,Not sure if it was the weather or just the wood but it was like all the dado’s cut for the t-track created a relief and there was a huge amount of bow in the board.from front left to middle on a surfacing run at .050 it would skim the left and air cut middle/right.Heres some pics of the new waste/spoil 1" mdf 396 holes with threaded inserts at 2" spacing.All seems to be flat again,Just finished tapping some more threads for drag chains.will get some test cuts in later tonight/tomorrow and hopefully back in the game/I missed the week 3 weekly build due to the flu and ive missed week 4 cause the machine was in peices,hopefully i can get some coasters cut and make up for lost time :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Glad you are getting this done… This is my next project as well.

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Didnt get alot of time in this weekend but i did seal the inside of the enclosure with liquid nails while i still had the machine out.

Heres a few pics of how i did the drag chain.The one end is pretty basic the other end on both sets i mounted the link and then the chain mounts back down onto it.Both ends just used a 4mm tap to thread the holes.

Thats pretty much it for this weekend.


I had to do a double take on that bottom photo… it’s a “link cap”!

I too have screw-anchored drag chains. I stole links from the Y-rail chain so my X-chain is flush to the Y-stepper bracket (no gappage).


While getting little time with the S3 as of late i did manage to surface the wasteboard some and got the suckit installed.