Find File or Create from scratch a twist on jar top

Hi All, I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place to post so please forgive me if not but I’m searching for a file (free preferably) so I can 3D print a twist on/off glass jar top. The metal tops corrode so I thought the plastic one might be better? You can make a round circle in Tinkercad but getting those lines inside a top so you can twist the top on tightly or twist off is the challenge. Thank you.

Have looked on Thingiverse?

Ball actually makes a plastic lid for their mason jars if that is what you are looking for.

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Look on Thingiverse for parametric bottle cap / jar lid. The parameters can be modified for just about any size lid/cap you wish.

Michael… Parametric was key!

Thank you ever so much!!

I only saw their metal lids but I’m trying to teach patrons how to make practical things on the library’s 3D printer. Thank you.

If you want to provide more context you can Google something like “spi neck finish standards” and get a lot of information that is more generally applicable to bottle threads.

These are “technically” proprietary thread standards that you have to pay for if you want the exact specifications but they’re so ubiquitous it’s easy to find the info.

Teach a man to click print and he makes a Mason jar caps. Teach a man how to identify neck finishes and he prints all the caps :wink:

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