Finding current location of router

Is there a way to get the current location x/y/z of the router? I thought that $# was supposed to display that information. Except when I jog the router it always shows the same information. This may be dumb but I was trying to see what the machine value for x/y/z was when I zeroed the router using the probe.

When in Carbide Motion the left side of the screen shows X, Y, and Z, locations if that is what you are looking for.

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As ZMAN notes, it’s on the left of the screen in the Jog screen, and you can switch from Work co-ordinates to Machine co-ordinates (and back) by clicking on the heading.


WHAT?!?!?!? Why did I not know that. Would have saved me a bunch of Clear Offsets when setting up the machine. :smiley:

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Thanks to Zman and you. I think this is what I was looking for. I don’t know why I forgot about the switching.

The reason that I wanted to know the machine position after the probe was to use the probe to tell me the thickness of the stock. I wanted to do this because even though I measured the stock with calipers. I was not cutting all the way thru the stock. The stock measured .247 inches. I set up the cut to cut .250. I used both the probe xyz and the paper method for
the z setup. After I was able to get the machine coordinate for z. I used the paper method to both get z for the waste board and the top of the stock. What I found was that the difference between the two measurements was .269 inch or 6.85mm. This kind of explains why I had to set the depth of cut to .280 before it almost cut all the way thru.
Not sure why this is happening.