Finding this on my extensions where vwheels glide

(Michael Hoffman) #1

Finding these black flakes as described in title. Are my eccentrics too tight perhaps? I’m able to scrape these loose with a finger nail. Thx

(William Adams) #2

Most likely it’s milling debris / dust getting flattened against the extrusions — I usually use a cotton swab to clean my wheels as needed and when I remember, this doesn’t happen, when it does, it’s a reminder to clean things.

The community has notes on cleaning / maintenance at:

(Nathan Woodruff) #3

Agreed, I get that when cutting MDF or anything that creates a fine dust. A dust collection system helps.

(Anthony Waltz) #4

Well, that’s a relief. I’ve been getting this, too. While cutting MDF. I was worried that I had my v-wheels too tight or something.

(Stuart) #5

I clean that off with an old toothbrush after each job/end of day, if left on for too long it gets hard to get off and needs a srub with something more abrasive

(Michael Hoffman) #6

cool. just making sure it wasn’t my v-wheels degrading from being too tight

(Stuart) #7

I initially thought that it was from the wheels and panicked about it. Generally any timber I cut results in that debris on all axis, as well as the wheels.

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