Finish toolpath generates error code and stoppage

Hi Folks, I am trying to get the finish toolpath of a US Flag I’m carving in solid oak to run. Twice now it gets to a point and generates an error, screenshot attached. I’m generating the toolpath from Vcarve Desktop. I’ve run this file before, only a smaller dimension flag. I enlarged the parameters for it in Vcarve and generated a toolpath file twice, giving it a different name and stopping and restarting Carbide Motion, which is what I use on my Shapeoko Pro.

Can someone look at this and see if it makes any sense to you? It sure doesn’t for me.

Sometimes this turns out to be due to rounding errors when GRBL processes arcs when using inches units, and they go away simply by switching the post-processor to generate Gcode in mm units instead (note that there is zero impact on the design itself, which can stay in imperial units, this only affects the Gcode generation)


Make sure that you are using the most current version of Vectric Vcarve and and up-dated post-processor.

As noted, using metric helps in this as well.

You can verify files before committing to cutting by going to the MDI, sending $C (which will put Grbl into Check mode) and then sending the file — Grbl will process the entire file w/o moving the machine — if that is successful, send $C to get out of Check mode and to actually send the file.


Can you share your gcode file?
What post processor are you using?


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Hi guys! Switching to mm on the post processor fixed it. I thank all of you fine gentlemen for your advice.