Finished XXL setup, can't home, limit switch issue?

I just finished setting up my new XXL and connected the machine to my laptop. I go into Carbide Motion and go to the MDI module and enter the phrase “type $22=1 to enable homing, press the Send button to write the change” as stated in the directions to home the machine. When I hit send nothing seems happens. I then entered $H because the directions seem to indicate that’s a phrase used for home as well and then I get this message “limit switch hit”. The machine isn’t moving or doing anything, other than making a humming sound. I centered the XZ assembly and carriage but that didn’t seem to change anything. Please advise? I’m stumped.

You don’t enter the word “type.”

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Also before turning the XXL on, make sure to manually move the gantry so it is away from the back right corner. If it’s hitting the limit switches when you turn it on, it’s going to report that error. I do that all the time.

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Thanks. Sorry, I did not enter the word “type”, my use of quotation marks there was an error. I’m not getting any response from the machine when I hit send. Not sure what’s up?

I tried moving the gantry to the center of the board then powering on. Is the machine supposed to do something when I punch in that command and hit “send”?

I figured out the limit switch error. This is my first go, I forgot about the z carriage switch. Still not getting any reaction when I hit send on the MDI code though. I used the “jog” module to achieve the same thing…I think?

What carbide motion and grbl version are you running?

The machine doesn’t make an acknowledgement after sending code — it just does it, and if that’s something invisible such as store values in EEPROM, the only way you can verify is to (for example), open up the Log window and send


to see everything which is stored.

Actually, having the Log window open will show any acknowledgement (but will slow the machine down dramatically if sending a file).

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