Finishing Passes

If you see below, I drew a simple pocket operation in Fusion 360 and have quite a bit of cleanup to do. I believe I had finishing passes set up and something tells me I could have produced a better result. Is this a result of my CAM setup or potentially hardware, or am I expecting too much for a cleaner result. The wood is baltic birch, which is naturally stringy and produces fuzzy cuts.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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The lines at the bottom are probably because your spindle/router is not completely squared. You would need to tram your Z axis. Foor a quick check, place a machinist square on the wasteboard and check that the spindle is sitting straight in both the X and Y axis.

It’s a little hard to tell. The lines on the bottom may or may not be tram issues - you would need to clean it up a little and see if there is a real ridge there. I’ve seen this with maple as well, a smaller stepover helps a lot - 60-70% of the cutter. A compression bit might help with the fuzzies at the top.

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