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I’m running CC 729. Periodically I get a small message box saying “Finishing toolpaths…” It’s happened with a very small job and with (to me at least) jobs consisting of a lot of Contours and Pockets. The message may initially appear on the Toolpath screen.
So far, my solution has been to Save the file (I also get a message saying to the effect that GCode was not generated because toolpaths were still calculating" then exit and restart. I’ve also noticed a couple times that it seemingly didn’t like it when I tried to delete a Toolpath that had an error of some sort.

Any clues before I send you something useless to look at?

Further Info. The message window has been running for some time. After restarting CC, I took a peek at Task Manager and it shows two instances of CC, one with a file and another with just Carbide Create, but using 0.1% of the CPU.

To cure I had to reboot. Have not had it occur since I uploaded the new version

Please try updating to the current beta:

I started on the Beta V7 with an i5 Windows laptop. Some times the saving would get to 67% and just stall. That 67% seems to be an inflection point for the c2d file saving. Of course the file was not saved. I would quit CC and start again. In the latest Beta versions before the live version I did not have that problem again. A few people have had full hard drives and got this problem. Most laptops now a days have very large hard drives but just check to make sure. If you are saving to a usb drive it could be full as well.

Thanks for the help.

Hard Drive not even half full. I’ve noticed that File Save progress would sometimes seem to stall for a couple seconds at around the 67% point then generally zip to completion.

Just updated to 741. We’ll see what happens later in the day.

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