Finishing Toolpaths?

I’m new, still. I keep hearing people mention finishing tool paths,“I leave .xxx” , then run a finshing toolpath to smooth it away" or something to that effect. For 3D stuff I get you make rough path then finishing toolpath to make it look all nice and I see that built into programs for 3D.

I’m in the middle of cutting out some coasters from wood for my wife to paint, simple 3.8" pocket .100 deep, 4" outer cut through leaving a lip around.

How or do I apply finishing toolpath to this or other 2.5D projects? I have Vectric software so plus if anyone can explain or guide through using this. Sorry for all the questions, trying to learn as much I can, and I find others knowledge the best, one day I can pass along the knowledge I learn.

Use a tool which supports this as a feature (a free tool which has this is MakerCAM ), or fake it by over-reporting the tool diameter when roughing (adjust step over appropriately).