Finishing your wood?

Hey, I was working on a few more of my spinners today and I got thinking about wood finishes. I made 4 spinners in total all out of the same wood, but I wanted to make them different.

Here are a few things I tired - all were waved with stand clear wax after - all these bits were cut from the same piece of stock too.

Top left is just wax
Top right is a light oil which really brought out the grain
Bottom left was blow torched
Bottom right is a very light blow torching - very light

Anyone else tried anything similar?


Usually I just use either a food-safe oil (walnut oil if available) or a spray lacquer (I like Deft) and then a paste wax (Johnson’s).

Did try a rather complex finish once on red oak — ebonized it with a vinegar/rust solution, then stained w/ Kiwi shoe polish, then sprayed w/ lacquer, then waxed — the shoe polish did not work out, made the finish rather delicate, should’ve gone w/ a dark grain filler.