First attempt at aluminum failed, please help

So I did look around the forum

@ApolloCrowe gives out TPS files with his tutorials, which is great, thanks, but I didn’t see one for aluminum

This guy @zymurgy here First aluminum job is using 8000 RPM 16 in/min feed 8 in/min plunge, faster than my numbers, but with a smaller stepdown and much less complicated geometry. He claimed to have gotten the numbers from G-Wizard. @ApolloCrowe call the numbers aggressive

@mitchell says 5 and 1 works but is slow. @robgrz suggested 10-12 for feed. @WillAdams links to the same Shapeoko page I was reading

Plugging the numbers myself into FSWizard gives me 20 inch/min feed. From all that I’ve read around here, calculator software cannot be fully trusted yet, at least not for the Nomad, and experience trumps all.

I’ve :v: hacked :v: MeshCAM to give me the Carbide Wizard option for aluminum, with the highest quality setting, it’s telling me 12.2 inch/min feed, 1.52 inch/min plunge, 0.01 inch stepdown, spindle RPM will be 7500

What do you think of those numbers?