First cut on Shapeoko 4

Made my first cut and it was not good. I watched all the videos on how to set everything up and it didn’t go as I hoped. I did a flag with EGA emblem. Striped were good… yea. But when it cut the stars and emblem using

v60 it looks like they were cut out using a hatchet, not clean lines at all or the inside of the star. The emblem was recognizable but very choppy. The other weird thing was the EGA was suppose to have 2 countries like figures but it cut the lines from the code file very confused why. Before I press simulation it looks great but once I push it it shows cut lines and it actually prints that way. Help

Here is a simulation from another user of the EGA (for civilians Eagle Globe and Anchor). I will include the c2d file. So are you selecting an Advanced V Carve for the EGA? In your picture looks like a simple vcarve instead of an advanced v carve. In the file attached the user used a 30 degree vee bit and not a 60 degree.

USMC Flag Final.c2d (853.8 KB)

For a normal V carve, you should allow the machine to cut as deeply as it needs to:

rather than depth limiting, unless one has a need to limit depth for a special effect.

So rather than:


which should cut as:

which will be deeper and cut as multiple passes.

Similarly, you are cutting very shallowly for the EGA:

which while a good match for how shallowly some details would be cut:

would probably come out better w/ more depth (and if you have a BitSetter, a Pocket clearing option):

(or maybe not, this is an aesthetic choice)

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