First cut with new machine

Many thanks to the Carbide3d guys for the awesome Nomad machine. My wife asked me to make something so she can better understand my hobby (obsession) with CNC. She loves the Lady of Guadalupe symbol, so I made her this. I got the STL model from Thingiverse and cut it with a 1/8" ball end mill and 0.059" flat end mill. The job took only 2 hours from downloading, generating the CAM, and machining. Came out awesome. At some point, I’ll try doing it 2-sided.

Looks great Sonny! Thanks for sharing

Great. What software did you use to convert the STL to Gcode?

Meshcam! Although it’s not my first CAM rodeo, it was stupid easy to generate the 3d toolpaths with it. The total time from STL to finished product probably would have been halved, if I wasn’t playing around with all of the settings and selecting which end mill tools to use to give the best outcome.