First day with the HDZ I love it

What is not to love more than getting an upgrade like this to your Shapeoko, especially if it consist on a brand new, heavy duty and well designed Z contraption. Something easy to install and put to work, you follow the instructions, select the right tab in the settings and voila everything has been thought for you and everything works.

Just a little detail, all the holes with treaded inserts that you carefully calculated to be at the same distance to each other on your waste board, even across the aluminum rails and all gravitating around the center that some people call 0, all the jigs you made to synchronize two faces work, also based on the Cartesian center of the machine, are scrapped.

You are not a programmer, but you thought that they knew everything and everything was calculated for you, they said: don’t initialize the machine, go to setting and select the right hardware from the list and don’t forget to click on the “send config data”.

Well there is a little inconvenient, the new center of your Shapeoko universe is +/- 4mm toward the minus X and 30mm toward +Y.

All your treaded holes and jigs do not work anymore.

But, don’t worry there is now enough oil on your board and stock to fry your dinner.

Happy Saturday


oh wow, that sucks!
The wouldn’t be a happy any-day for me. There has to be something they can do to fix this for you and everyone else in the same boat.

I can only image the time investment and money wasted. I am sorry my friend. I am lucky to be starting new with a HDZ

the HDZ gives you more work area, so compared to a normal Z the work space is different (and bigger)

if it’s more important to you to have the same work area instead of a bigger one, there’s a small number of grbl setting you can do and you;re back to normal

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How does it give move working areas? is it narrower at the sides?
I am sure it probably does extend your work area outside the typical envelope of the machine (front)

yes it is narrower by some inches so you can get closer to the side rails with the spindle

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thats nice, I had to sent mine back last week since it arrived damaged. I only have the Z+. It is narrower than that also ?

that’s one for the carbide3d folks… I don’t have a Z+ yet

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I either case, if the area is larger to the left and right, that should not shift the center of the machine. something is not right there.

yeah makes me wonder if the digital side does not realize the work area is bigger, so just has it shifted (since the limit switch obviously is matching the narrower width)

@WillAdams do you have any idea(s) on this? I am curious.

The HDZ is narrower than the stock axis or Z-Plus — this affords greater movement along X (unless one is using a dust shoe option which makes the carriage wider). It is also thicker than at least the stock Z.

This necessarily alters the relationships of the carriage to the bed resulting in some shifts — remember, the machine origin is set relative to the top right edges of the carriage, and the back edge of the gantry — the actual endmill position is then an offset from that based on the geometry of the parts. I wrote a little bit about this at:


Need to work up a nice file which shows all the relationships, so that I can make a nice fixture for cutting joints.

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thanks good info. I would be good to have the tables also show a standard SO3 with the HDZ.

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