First milling and issue

Hi All,
I’m new to milling and new to meshcam though not new to cad and cam (rhino user with 2 printing machines).

I milled a fairly simple item and have run across a problem
The border around the outside should be 1.5mm uniform. On the sides its .75 and on the top its over (its 1.75mm). I will try to attach a photo of the item and also the settings too.

If any one can help with suggestions that would be great.


Have you don’t any other test cuts?

Please check the machine mechanically:

and check the belt tension — Z-axis should be guitar string tight (but careful not to bend the motor shafts). See

This looks like it was done with a small ball-end mill? Can you confirm?

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Hi WillAdams. thanks for your suggestions - this is a micromill (kickstarter) with no belts etc.
I have a few other test items but nothing yet that can tell me if its a replicatable error.
I will test cut a square today

Hi MikeP
yes it was done with a 1.0mm end mill and then final cut with a 0.5mm end mill.

just to clarify I’m not at all stressed about the stepping , quality etc.
what I’m concerned about is the fact that the item is oval (it should be round) so its taking extra material off during the x axis cutting and leaving extra material at the top. eg where the mountain ranges touch the border (3 and 6oclock positions) its half the thickness that’s specified.

I’m afraid that this site is only for Carbide 3D machines. For other machines, please see the other forums: or reddit: or some other site such as CNCzone, or better still the folks who made your machine.

Most likely you need to calibrate your steps / mm — see: or

hi Will,
I honestly did not realise that it was a machine specific forum.
My apologies and apologies to mikep as well.
thanks for letting me know and saving myself from any further embarrassment.
I’m new to milling but not new to forums and should have read further before posting.
Best wishes to all.

No worries :slight_smile: