First mini project - cut my wife's company logo

Just playing around and decided to give my wife’s baby company logo a try in renshape. Imported a png image file into meshcam, smoothed the geometry, it looked good so I created a tool path. This is what came out

First mistake I made - there is a setting to set the depth of cut. I had it to 1" and on the last operation, it plunged into the stock. Next time I will set this to 0.5" or something.

Nice work Darren. We never get tired of seeing “first projects”.


Rob - you guys at Carbide3d delivered on the promise of being able to cut with no experience… I had this cut within an hour of turning the machine on for the first time!

Thanks Darren- that just went into my customer quotes file.


A deeper 2.5d version of the logo on a hardwood block


Very cool, I dig the logo!

I’m happy to know I’m not the only guy with an entrepreneurial wife in the community—my wife runs a Montessori-inspired childcare out of our house.