First path starting incorrectly

First timers here… finished assembling our shapeoko 4 xxl and we made a couple simple designs using simple text and shapes from the library in carbide create. As far as we know, all of our settings were good but when the Shapeoko starts its first path, both times it followed the path incorrectly but caught itself and got back on track and did the rest perfect. At least that is what I think is happening… help please
(Second picture in the comments because new users can’t attach more than 1 file :woman_facepalming:)

Post your file please.


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What do you have the Z-axis safety/retract height set to?

Where are you securing the stock to cut on the machine?

Is the machine making one pass and then maxing out its movement along one axis causing lost steps?

We left it at the .5in it defaulted to.
It is secured with double sided tape.
We had it at least 6-8 inches from the closest side/limit (right side) so there was still plenty of space before it would have maxed out. And this “error” pass was the very first thing it did, so it did not complete any pass prior to making the line that is not done correctly

If you move to your Zero location at the end of one of these jobs, is it the same place you set the X-Y zero at the start of the job?

If NOT, then that means you are losing steps, and given your pictures, in the X direction.

Another thing to try is an ‘air job’:

  • Set up the job EXACTLY the same way
  • Reset the Z to be about an inch higher (at least as much as the deepest cut).
  • Re-run the job with the spindle / router OFF. You’ll be able to hear it if the machine is running into something.
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Without running another one, I don’t think it was going back to the x-y zero we set in the beginning. If that is the problem, how do we fix it?

How you fix it depends on the problem. The Air Job will help you narrow down what is happening. Could be a loose motor pulley, bad belt, something on the rails, cabling could be hanging up on something.

Likely the v-wheels need correct tightening if is an SO4.

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