First Post - New Pro XXL Built and Ready For Action

I just finished assembling my Pro XXL and I’ve been searching and reading through this community for a few months, before and after I ordered my Shapeoko. I come from a machine shop and fabrication background, and managed a large CNC shop with multiple 5 axis CNC, 4 axis, 3 axis and lathes (HAAS, Okuma, Mori-Seiki) for many years. I got this machine to primarily cut custom Kiazen foam inserts and some basic phenolic spacers, but we’ll see where it goes.

I still have to run some more electrical, I’m adding wall plugs just for the CNC and putting the router and vac/dust collector on one circuit and the controller/computers on another circuit. After I verify it cuts well and I’m happy with the setup I’ll start building the enclosure.

Here’s a pic of the current setup.


Welcome to the community @HondaF1 !
Have fun machining

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Welcome! Im starting the same journey as you are with the Shapeoko. ( I come from the CAD/CAM/BIM background) looking forward to seeing your enclosure design!

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Welcome. @HondaF1 Looks like you have a good start :slight_smile:
Lots of good people and info here.

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