First Project on my XXL

So I have had the create software for a while prior to purchasing the machine. As a former draftsman I like to play with new programs to see what I can come up with. As a first test I decided to make a wooden ashtray. Something simple that would also test the mill changes. Other than I will probably fill the engraving differently next time or use the sharpie method to darken the lettering before the finish coat, I think it came out well for the first project.


Looks great. How about for the lettering go with a darker stain 1st, sand top, apply the color you want? I do that sometimes with different pieces.

Richard, looks purty good; unlike some of my first projects with bit gouges where the machine turned north instead of south! :smiley:

This wasn’t exactly my first project, but it was my first ashtray. My son requested it, so I made an MDF one to look like a ceramic one he has from south-of-the-border.

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