First project success

I had a very successful first run cutting .125in FR4 sheets. The Shapeko XL, software (DeltaCAD, CM and CC), and the tooling all worked great. There has been a lot to learn (I knew nothing about CNC, CAD or CAM before starting this journey) but there are also a bunch of resources available. I’m now excited to get back out in the workshop and cut some more parts.
My message to anyone reading the forum trying to decide if they can figure it all out… If I can do it, any average person can too. The forum members have been a wealth of knowledge and the Carbide 3D “gang” has a great product and great support. Thanks to everyone that helped answer my newbie questions. If anyone has any questions about cutting .125in FR4 sheets just let me know.

In this pic, all the black FR4 parts were cut with the SO3 to make this prototype 1/10th scale radio controlled dirt oval race car

Once I have the layout exactly the way I want it, I’ll be learning how to cut it in 3mm carbon fiber. Hopefully it will be similar to the FR4.


Great project Scott


That looks amazing, it just widened my imagination of what this machine will do and do well.

Thanks for sharing.


Great work @Qwkpony. Yet another CAD platform to investigate (DeltaCAD). Thanks for the post and your positive encouragements to potential purchasers of Shapeoko/Nomad.