First Projects in the books

I got my Shapeoko 3 XL shortly after Thanksgiving and I havent had a ton of time to play with it, but I have worked in Manufacturing (CNC/Tool&Die/Metal Stamping…lots more) for 20 years now and this is a great machine and a fun toy to play with. I was lucky enough to get the Bitsetter and i cant imagine the workflow without it. Let me know what you think!


Great stuff! Love the flags and the snowman very cool!

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On the 4th photo from the top I’m interested in how you worked the small text and wondered if you could give some extra info on that?

Like, what font you used, the size of the font, the bit used, and the what the fill is?

On the fill - did you spray over the entire board and then sand again - or - some other process?


This was done with the Jtech 7w laser add on.

@Sbedow7885 - Was the tribute to Nuggett also done with the Jteck 7w laser?

Excellent work? What watt laser did you get, I’m thinking about getting one. I need to make that FF flag for my son.

Sorry, excellent work with a !!

The Nuggett tribute was all done with a Jtech 7Watt Laser. the Firemen flag was V Carved on with the carbide router and the prayer was laser engraved on the back side.

Yes the Nuggett tribute was all 7W Jtech laser work, the flag was V Carved on the front and the prayer was laser engraved on the back.

apparently I cant upload a DXF file here, if you want send me your email and I can send it over.

Yes it was both front and back

Really like your designs and execution Scott. Your joy of “making things” really shines, thanks for sharing!

Did you get my email to your address you listed?


what bits did you carve the maltese cross and associated parts with? Looks like an endmill?

Half inch diameter 60 degree v bit (Whiteside)