First real project - klunk when reversing direction

Doing a sanity check with spindle off and no tool and i get a very audible clunk every time the spindle reverses x direction and the frame shakes. I didn’t try but expect it’s probably the same in Y.

Making a mold and i need to hollow out a tapered cavity in a pine block. Part was designed in SW, Cam done in MeshCAM. GRBL 1.1, CarbideMotion Beta.

Using Carbide speeds and feeds table.

My only thought is this is “to be expected” with high feed speeds when reversing direction.

Yes, but, please check the machine out mechanically per:

and esp. check:

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setscrews are tight on ALL axes - looks like locktite was used. checked setscrews align with shaft flats on all but X axis ,which i can’t get to without a fair amount of disassembly.

for this particular rough cut i changed it to NOT be a parallel cut…so less violent direction changes and that vastly improved things. I will try a slower feed on finish cut and see if that helps.

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