First shot with bamboo and spiral text

My first go tonight after months of not getting time for this machine. Well today was the start. A little 10cm cup placemat. Recycled (nicked from the wifes supply) bamboo chopping board. And using my lovely new amana tool 45° bit. Oiled.


Filled and sanded.


Looks great! Not to be that guy but there is a misspelling. Chocolate, not Chocholate.

In wondered when someone would point it out :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It is intentionally done and a bit of a joke in this house. I used to do printing onto garments and completely spelt the word wrong on a whole batch of tops I did so had to redo the lot.

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haha thats great! I hate to point those things out, but I would also hate to have you send it to a customer and not notice.

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I learnt a lesson in QC years ago with them tops. This was just a coaster for the wife to try circular writing

Just curious about how you created the spiral.

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Inkscape, place on path, path from object, remove spiral, save and export. Load into carbide create.