First sign off the Shapeoko

I’ve owned my Shapeoko since February but I finally just got around to actually using it the last couple of weeks. I have 2 kids under the age of 5 and a house that is in a constant state of remodeling so my time is pretty limited right now!

I learned a lot by doing this project and what you are seeing is actually the second attempt of this sign. The first one ended in tragedy when my Shapeoko’s drag chain got caught on the bracket on the side of my machine where the drag chain is supposed to lay. Needless to say, that bracket is no longer on my machine! My Shapeoko is a xxl and has the z plus.

Overall I am pretty happy with the results and I plan on doing a lot more things as I have time. I didn’t mess with the speeds and feeds on this one much and just adjusted by ear as necessary. This sign had about an hours worth of cut time. Feedback is welcome and sarcastic comments will be graded so make them good!


Awesome sign Brian, did a great job on it. Everything looks very clean and the paint job looks perfect!


In my mind a sign should be , crisp, clear, clean and easy to read, now let me take a look at your sign again… Tick, tick, tick and tick - a little maths 5456446 / a x c to the power 5 divided by awareness = YOU NAILED IT

Lovely in every regard



I like the basket weave, nice.

The basket weave is actually not part of the sign but the way it is framed it looks like it is! That’s actually just one of those plastic storage bins that I laid the sign on to take the photo! Thank you guys for the compliments. My wife has plenty of projects planned for me already! She calls my Shapeoko my “man cricket.”


Well, you blended it in enought to fool me so just as good.

If you have Vectric Vcarve software, you could create that basket-weave effect to add to the sign. Just sayin’ … :smiley:

Software is definitely on the list to purchase. That’ll probably be my first investment. Although I appreciate Carbide 3D providing a free software to get us started, I know there are much easier softwares out there to use. I struggled with Carbide Create doing some things which I feel didn’t have to be as difficult as they were!

Please don’t struggle with Carbide Create if things aren’t easy to do in it, the possibilities should be:

  • you’re having difficulty with a command or sequence of operations — let us know and we’ll do our best to guide you through them


  • it’s not a supported operation — probably best to use some 3rd party tool such as Inkscape as a front-end (e.g., putting text on a path)

Of course, if it’s a repeatable bug in a current version on an up-to-date computer system we want to know about it.


I believe the issue is more with myself than the software! I’m getting better and more proficient the more I use it. I haven’t reached the software limitations yet at this point, I’m still overcoming the user limitations!