First time pasting reliefs, and feeding fast

I made a plaque for my Mom. She has a Goat farm.
I’m finally learning to paste reliefs, and carve starting at different heights.
I had to paste the unicorns/shield, then paste the rams head on, then start Vcarving the letters at a certain height. (MID, The Cloven Hoof)
I’ve been studying Artcam, and Vectoric for a year or two. It’s starting to sink in :slight_smile:
The material was Oak. Very hard and brittle. I only did a step down of half the dia. (.125), like I would metal.
I have been using Gwizard for my feeds and speeds calculator, but it seems too aggressive for the XXL. I keep the setting at 45% rough.
I used a .25", 3 fl carbide, EM for the roughing and profiling-
.15" stepover
.125 stepdown
180/60 IPM feed/plunge
18153 RPM
I used an 1/8", 2 fl, ball em, carbide, for the 3D finishing
.0125 stepover 10%
.125 stepdown
180/90 IPM feed/plunge
27000 (max) RPM
I started doing .3" rough cuts, but the router started bouncing, and I had to hold it to keep it stiff enough, so I changed to the half depth cut, with faster feed.(Edit:I should have turned the dial up for more RPMs, but got scared)
I’ve never fed at 180 IPM before. I like it :slight_smile:


Clever! (I raised goats when I was a kid, and enjoyed naming them for The Adversary)