First time user trying to import gerber file

I am trying to use Carbide Copper to create nc file for a super simple PCB I created using EAGLE. When I upload to Carbide Copper it does not complain anything, but did not show the wires, etc. I uploaded the drill file but there’s no error message or anything.

The design is super simple, only contains 4 wires, 8 pin holes and 1 mount hole. I tried KiCAD to generate the gerber file in previous version, no X2 features, but Carbide Copper complained for various macros not defined in gerber parser.

I renamed the grb file to .h to get around the upload check. This file is generated with EAGLE.

copper-top.h (906 Bytes)

I emailed support and confirmed copper does not recognize this super simple design. Would anyone recommend other software and settings that can generate NC file that works for ShapeOKO? Thanks.

Here are some links from the old Shapeoko wiki which may be worth investigating:

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Well, I would say support haven’t given you the correct reply.
Copper DOES import your file just fine, you just have a very large offset from the origin in your Gerber export. Your pads/traces are outside the default material area (about 7" below the origin).

Move your design in Eagle closer to the origin before you export.