First v carve inlay - Harry Potter themed

This was a ride! I set out to make a thick Harry Potter themed coaster. I have a box of small scrap pieces and chose walnut for the main body and a lighter wood for the inlay. I wasn’t sure what that wood was but it gave me a hell of a time during carving. The spindle kept jamming when the v bit went into corners, coming to a stop and then getting back up to speed. Initially the bit was screaming a lot so I lowered the RPM and it started jamming. Long story short I got through it all and finished my piece:

It does sadly have a little tear out in one corner but I think I also know why now. After looking a bit more on the wood database and checking what kind of wood could’ve been in my box I think the answer is this: hickory. If I am correct this would explain why it was so extremely hard to carve, as it’s nearly double as hard as walnut. I guess cherry or maple would be better suited for inlays. The porous nature of the wood used also doesn’t make for an easy inlay but I do like the look of it. Overall I’m quite happy with how this turned out! Now that I have my first inlay under my belt I think I can try to make another small end grain butcher block and put and inlay into that!


Mister, you turned lemons into lemonade. +1


Aw thanks :slight_smile:


Great work, @jlumpe! Looking forward to seeing the butcher block with inlay!


Wingardiam Fabulous :grin: what ever the spell is, I think you might have caught the S03 bug only downhill for you now lol


Nomad, but you might be right :smiley:

You mentioned wood choices above,. I love Cherry and Maple. Walnut and Maple are also great together.