Fitted box design generator underway

Making progress:


Will they capture videos of the presentations at TUG2019 ? It would be great if I could watch your talk.

They have in the (recent) past (unfortunately, for a long while they didn’t, which is tragic — there’s a great photo of Prof. Hermann Zapf at a green chalkboard with a lovely calligraphic alphabet written on it for which there is unfortunately no matching video).

If there is one (which there should be), I’ll post it.

Here’s a video of a presentation which I reference in mine:


This is now up on cutrocket:

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Just in time for the school year!

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I’m presenting today, but got to hang out with one of my favourite authors:

For those who aren’t familiar with The Art of Computer Programming, that’s Dr. Donald Knuth:


As a former SW developer, I’m so jealous right now. Enjoy TUG !

Got him to sign books which I’m giving as gifts:

  • 3:16 Bible Texts Illuminated for my sister
  • Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About for my brother-in-law

Also had Selected Papers on Fun and Games (Lecture Notes) which was intended as a gift for my son, but gave it to one of the presenters so he could get it signed and have his girlfriend take a photo of Knuth’s signing it for him — he’ll have to make do with my signed copy of Digital Typography and the reward check I got for finding an error and a point of improvement in it:

Need to find another error so I can get an account at

Next year’s conference is at RIT — not sure if Dr. Knuth will attend or no though.

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Obviously TUG 2020 didn’t happen.

Revisiting this again.

BlockSCAD project is at:

Here’s a slightly tweaked OpenSCAD file:

Design into 3D_ Pencil (1.2 KB)

and a Carbide Create file:

Design into 3D_ Pencil Box.c2d (196.6 KB)

(depending on workholding that may need to be adjusted to have tabs)

Written up at:

I’ll have to rework the TeX code to support the new JSON file (the .c2d file was made by importing as exported DXF), but this will make the 8th project for the book, and I’ve a quick variation which I’ll be repurposing as the 9th, then I’ll just have to do one more and finish the book.

A variation of this which was worked out a while back was using characters from a font for the dividers in a round box (because it was kind of trying programming some of the variations, or because it’s tedious re-generating and re-assigning toolpaths, take your pick).

Here’s the font: (7.2 KB)

It works when placed in the Carbide 3D font directory (Help | About | Open Data Directory) — I doubt anyone would want to install it.

Here’s the file:

designinto3dboxfittedround3incustomizable.c2d (89.9 KB)

Just load the font, select the center divider, then choose the font tool and replace the number with the number of dividers you want.