Fix artifact (pics attached) and Z axis skipping

So this is a 2 part question. Thanks again to everyone, the support on this forum and from Carbide3D overall has been great.

  1. I can’t seem to get rid of this artifact on some cuts.

I’ve tried to slow down my plunge rate and feed rate. I’ve adjusted the speed on my router (faster and slower). Any suggestions?

  1. Over the last 1-2 days my Z axis has been skipping when it first enters a cut. I’ll have to stop the job, reset the Z (as it’s now about 3-4mm higher than it was before) and start over. The X,Y are fine so it’s not a huge issue.

I’ve had my machine for awhile. Do the belts need to be replaced at some point?

The only time I’ve seen this is when I have parts low on the original waste board.
When I raised things up an inch, it quit. Dont know if that will help you or not.
Are you Z v wheels tight, or the X? Your router might be lifting a bit when plunging, causing that artifact?

Yes, the belts have to be considered a wear item and will need to be retensioned occasionally and replaced when that won’t allow proper operation.

They’re in the maintenance kit and the community has some notes on sources: — I ordered mine from SDP/SI back when I upgraded to 9mm before that was an official option and have been very pleased w/ them.

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Thanks. I’ll order a kit.