*FIXED* Cutting Metal

A while back I was having issues machining aluminum. First off, THANK YOU ALL!!! You all gave amazing help and I absolutely love the community. I originally passed off my inability to machine it to my lack of experience and not very machinable aluminum. Well I was going around my CNC today and realized the problem was the Z axis was loose (like moving a half inch back and forth not left and right). This would make sense of why I had so much variability with the cuts that worked and the reason why I broke so many bits. It was due to me being stupid and not fully looking over the machine :joy:. I figured Iā€™d say what was wrong just in case someone had the same issue. Thank you all!


Hey live and learn. You should periodocally have a maintenance check of the whole machine. If you are about to start an important project at least grab hold of gantry and z axis and give it a good tug. Take a look at your belts and clean the v wheels with a stiff nylon brush.


I realize that now :man_facepalming:. Hind sight really is 2020. (No pun intended) thank you!

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