Flashing back to GRBL .9

How can I roll my machine back to GRBL.9? I have a shapeoko 3
They can’t get things right with 1.1 and CM v.4 and I need my machine back.
They really need to get someone over there that knows what they are doing.
Really regretting buying this machine.
Thanks Ray

Instructions on re-flashing here:

Please let beta@carbide3d.com know of any difficulties you had with CM4 — if you have any difficulties with the stock configuration, please let us know at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to help.

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Thanks Will! is there simplified directions somewhere? That makes my head hurt worse than my machine not working, lol.


Upgrade/downgrade is one of the biggest fails this company has yet to handle unfortunately. Of all the great service that they do have, I will say that “help me help you test” should be as simple as possible and not a long and drawn out, only for the pros, thing. I have yet to even attempt a single upgrade to 1.1 for my 883.1 and will not for a long time it seems. Stable and missing wanted features is better than being down.


GRBL 1.1 isn’t the problem… Carbide motion v4 is.

I just reinstalled CM v3 and kept GRBL 1.1 and it works like a charm!


That’s good to hear, and that’s the first I’ve heard of that combo being tested too.

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This is so frustrated. I need to roll back to grbl 0.9 because CM4 is not working. It stop at the middle of the job and said lost coonection with com port. Follow instruction run Xloader, set correct com port - upload the HEX file then click on upoad - I heard a click sound from my SO3 - Xloader become frozen, no screen instrut me to push in my Z linit-home-switch as it suppose to - I have to cncel Xloader from stask manager. Contact carbide, Will keep telling me to follow instruction on roll back - I did many times - same issue - re-boot PC and SO3 – samething Xloader frozen during upload to re-flash
Out of frustration and waiting fro Will - I decide to re-install CM3 - I got it to work — I click on Setting in CM3 - it said grbl ver 1.1 -------- I heck all links and tabs in CM3 tey are all working, I am able to rapid position and manual jogs — pls tell me will is works or I still have to re-flash m controller to get grbl 0.9 — Thanks

Xloader won’t ask you to press the limit switch.
Before you press upload, make sure you’re already holding the limit switch.
Keep holding the switch until the process completes. If you still have trouble email us at support.

Some users have told us that grbl1.1 and CM v3 are working well on their setup, but we’re not endorsing that as an official configuration

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I learned that the hard way. CM3 and grbl 1.1 are NOT compatible. It looks like the machine is working perfect at the beginning but it starts showing a strange behavior when trying to cut a piece.

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The uploader app for mac says after i downloaded it and selected it
“A standard installation of the Arduino IDE is required to” the app path location. Do you where or how I get the IDE so i can put it in the file location ( i.e. /Applications/Arduino.app)? I don’t know what it is. Thanks

Please see:


If you need the IDE, might want to consider:

Keep in mind that you will need to reset the defaults again using CM3 when you have gone back to .9.

i went to Arduino and donated and downloaded the IDE app so the hex loader shows up now and gives me

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 2.30.07 PM

Hope i am on the right track. just dry running this through my head.
So i somehow re-flash, then when i get to the open carbide motion which version should i open 3 or 4? I am trying to get back to .9 but have 1.1 on it now.

You’ll need to uninstall CM4 and install CM3 to use with Grbl 0.9.

so after the hex loader uploads the hex file am I back to .9 firmware?

Yes, (if that’s the version you downloaded and uploaded).

So frustrated. I run the hexuploader as described and locate the hex file for .9 select it then the uploader window says for several lines of x of 10 not in sync. Then avrdude? my firmware still says 1.1? My limit switches don’t consistently work, even the new ones f m Carbide. They sent only 2 not three but they were free but I’m willing to pay to get this thing to work.
WHat a disaster for me. Shouldn’t be this freaking difficult.

We have a basic page on troubleshooting them at: http://docs.carbide3d.com/software-faq/home-switch-troubleshooting/

Make sure the machine can mechanically contact the switches reliably and before any other part of the machine touches.

Saw your ticket in the support queue and we’ll get this sorted out as quickly as we can.