Flattening Weirdness

Hi All,

First off, I am very specifically not trying to have a perfect machine. I want to have a functional machine, not a perfection machine that stays in bits :slight_smile:

However… Could I get some advice on what squaring I need to do. I started surfacing my Wasteboard and it looks great apart from when the router turns the top left corner. I get a very consistent set of ridges, but they quickly then disappear as the router continues to the right.

Any thoughts appreciated :slight_smile:

Could your dust shoe be causing it?


Oh interesting, I’ll do another pass without it!

If that’s it…there’s probably something that needs to be tightened.
The rest looks great, but I’d still try to track down that issue. (Maybe after you do something fun)

Yeah that’s what puzzled me. When I squared it ~2 years ago, there was a very distinct lean to the left and it was consistent across the entire area I flattened.

What’s interesting is the small square you see doesn’t have the problem. That holes was a bit of a mistake, I forgot to change the tool and I ran that job as a 1/4" flat end bit. I imagine it didn’t happen because the area is so small…

Does the problem persist when you use a smaller stepover?

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I’ll give it a try tomorrow!

@Dusty.Tools Any luck on this? I get the same issue when flattening and am wondering the cause.

I didn’t really get to the bottom of it. After adjusting the overlap (whatever it’s called) the marks where muchless noticeable.

I have now brought a trimming kit (https://amzn.to/2ZbxLEj) and once I’ve finished working on a project I’m going to trial to dial in the squareness.

You might experiment with a lower feed rate. I saw similar banding using a wide surfacing bit which seemed to be consistent with the router bogging down under heavier load (variable cut depth due to non-flat / rough cut plank). This was with the original Shapoko 3 Z axis, which had a tiny bit of wiggle when pushed. Haven’t tried the surfacing bit since upgrading to the HDZ z axis. Rock solid, tight tight tight!


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