Flip Jigs are Available

(Rob Grzesek) #1

Flip Jigs are finally available: http://shop.carbide3d.com/products/nomad-flip-jig

We’ll start shipping them out to Kickstarter backers in the next few days. It’ll take a while to get them out to everyone but we’re happy to say that we’ve got about 180 done and another 100 in production.

Expect @ApolloCrowe to share more about how to use it t in the next few days.


(Patricio Suarez) #2

Thanks @robgrz!. Just ordered mine. Any idea how many you need for the Kickstarter folks?.

(Rob Grzesek) #3

Around 230 for KS. We set aside a few to put in the store from the first 180 and we’ll add more when the next 100 are done.



Oooh, round-plus-diamond location pins. You guys pay attention to all the details. :thumbsup:

All, here’s an explanation of the concept


(Darricke Rayl) #5

How is shipping of the KICKSTARTER flip jigs going? Looking forward to receiving one! Thanks!

(Troy Meyers) #6

Me too! I’ve got all kinds of things in mind after my first Dunny.