Flip Jigs are Available

Flip Jigs are finally available: http://shop.carbide3d.com/products/nomad-flip-jig

We’ll start shipping them out to Kickstarter backers in the next few days. It’ll take a while to get them out to everyone but we’re happy to say that we’ve got about 180 done and another 100 in production.

Expect @ApolloCrowe to share more about how to use it t in the next few days.


Thanks @robgrz!. Just ordered mine. Any idea how many you need for the Kickstarter folks?.

Around 230 for KS. We set aside a few to put in the store from the first 180 and we’ll add more when the next 100 are done.


Oooh, round-plus-diamond location pins. You guys pay attention to all the details. :thumbsup:

All, here’s an explanation of the concept


How is shipping of the KICKSTARTER flip jigs going? Looking forward to receiving one! Thanks!

Me too! I’ve got all kinds of things in mind after my first Dunny.