Flying dutchman loves cnc

Hi, I’m Raymond and I live in the Netherlands. I bought a Shapeoko 4 xxl last year, since then I follow this forum and read it basically every day. Now I’m already starting to make quite a bit and understand how it works, so with the help of google translate (since my English writing is not as good as reading and talking) I’m going to post now and then and hope that this will help others and I can also give something back in this forum.
I am someone who can not leave something original and I have already done a lot of work on the shapeoko. I will occasionally post here, I will do this in 1 post to keep it clear. I will also post some photos regularly.


August 11, 2021 it was finally time after 3 months of waiting. When I opened everything up, I noticed that everything was so robust. I knew right away that this was good stuff.

It took about 6 hours to put together and everything was there, I was very happy with that because otherwise I had to have this come from America and I could wait even longer.
I first put a makita in it and actually changed it to a water cooled spindle within 3 months.

I immediately put a box around it and soldered all the wiring because I had a lot of malfunctions.

I will explain later if anyone wants additional information.


I like your “OH SHIT!!” button.

Have had a few occasions where it would have been handy!

It would be great to have one that could travel back in time and stop it about 5 seconds earlier.

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I feel like the oh shit button should be located away from the cable;
You’re gunna want easy access to that.