Foam insulation support

I know I’ve read some threads here about folks that have put foam insulation under their XXL’s to reduce bed flex. I’ve searched and can’t find any of those threads. So my question is, for those that have done this, what foam did you use and how thick? Also, did it significantly reduce flex?

I’ve had my XXL for a few months and will be making some mods to it. Just got my HDZ, have my steel belts and will tram and calibrate after HDZ install, so I figure I would do the foam before calibration and resurfacing the spoil board.


I used two squares of Anti-Fatigue Mat foam from Harbor Freight under my XL and it seems to have helped — if nothing else, it helps deaden the sound more than the Yoga mat (still there, on top of the foam) did.

The center of my factory spoil board was sagging. I put a 4" square piece of 3/4" plywood in the center and problem solved. I did have to raise the leveling feet up some but the center has no sag in it any more.

I used a insulation foam from Lowes, 1 inch cut to the size of the inside dimension of the waste board, lowered the sound solved the problem.

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Terry I just got my xxl. To be clear, you have one large piece of 1” foam that the bed rails are resting on and 4 corner feet are now suspended?

yes it is holding the whole machine and the feet do not touch, im going to add spacers so they just touch to have some support

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There’s a lot of posts about this on the unofficial shapeoko owners Facebook site as well with pictures. Seems like a great addition

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