Folding phone stand

0.117" polycarbonate sheet

0.089" carbide circuit board drill @ 10,000 rpm and 60 IPM plunge (0.160" tip depth)

1/4" carbide 2-flute upcut @ 17,000 rpm, 15 IPM plunge / 30 IPM feed, and 0.070" DOC (2 passes; tabs on lower pass)

On the machine:

Cut free, sanded, and prototype assembled with a wire tie (I’ll probably add a small actual hinge at some point):

Holding phone:

Here’s a dxf in case anyone wants to re-create or mod:

folding_phone_stand.dxf (25.0 KB)



I found tiny hinges for cheap. The Dollar Tree has little balsa wood boxes that have a pair of these miniature brass-plated steel hinges on them. I attached them to the phone stand halves with 2-56 stainless flat head screws (from my collection of random fasteners), which I ended up shortening the length of (because they stuck through too far) and also shaving down the heads of (so the stand would fold all the way closed). Operates nicely with no play - just pure rotation of the hinges.


You can get inexpensive hardware in reasonably large quantities from D. Lawless:



Nice - thanks for the link. Their prices on solid brass stuff are very good.

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