Font Download to CC

Downloaded font files from Font Squirrel and did the following (below).

Went to: Help | About | Opened Data Directory and placed fonts in the Carbide Create\Fonts directory.

After this, they never showed up when I tried to add text to a project. I restarted my computer and my CC. I am on Build 756-64 bit edition (Free version).

Which font is it?

Post the link?

Note that fonts must be technically correct and have a space character in order to work in Carbide Create.

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Homemade Apple is one of the many i downloaded from the website above.

I downloaded that font from:

placed it in the fonts directory:

and when I restarted Carbide Create it worked:


homemade-apple.c2d (364 KB)

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Restarted the CPU and CC and it pulled them through. Could be the computer.

You do need to restart CC. It reads the fonts when it loads.