Font Size Changes

Using Create v 300 and finding that it seems to have a mind of its own as far as text is concerned. For instance, when I specify that I want a text height to be 25mm for all three lines on a sign I found that two lines came out to be 20mm. I rechecked the Create file and it still specified 25mm. It seems to do some sort of proportional analysis and change the height based on the length of the lines. I must be missing a simple setting somewhere.

No, the problem is the actual letterforms are used for sizing, but this means that size will change based on whether or no there are ascenders and descenders.

If setting more than one line you need to include the tallest character you will be using, and the one w/ the longest descender in each line.

Alternately, set the type in a tool w/ better text controls such as Inkscape, convert it to paths, save as an SVG, then import.

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Thanks for the reply, Will.

I use Inkscape for converting logos to .svg files and have had pretty good luck with that. I will start doing the entire design in Inkscape and see if it works better.

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